A Garden for Earth

Planting an organic garden shows that you are doing what you can to help the planet. Read the following pamphlet to see how you can have a successful garden the natural way. A Garden for Earth 1 Natural Is Better Gardening is one of the world’s A Checklist for Organic most popular pastimes. We take Gardening great satisfaction in keeping a healthy garden, regardless of what we grow. But too many of us rely on Throw out any synthetic harmful chemicals in the process. gardening products, including: We mistakenly think that synthetic • fertilizers fertilizers and pesticides are the • pesticides answers for a beautiful and thriving garden. Remember to save organic In fact, these poisonous matter from your yard, such as: chemicals can have a damaging effect not only on the environment, but on • grass clippings our health and the health of other • tree leaves living things in the area. The long- • shrubs term effects of pesticides and other • tree trimmings chemicals are not fully understood, but they could have a serious negative impact. Collect the proper tools needed for your garden, including: Why take the risk by poisoning • a wheelbarrow our homes and our bodies with these chemicals? It is unnecessary • a pruner when the solution is an easy one. Go • a shovel organic! A natural, organic garden • a garden hose is not only a wise choice for the environment and our health, it is also very simple to accomplish. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. 2 Plan Ahead!3 Keeping It Healthy It might sound silly, but one of One way to keep your plants the most important things you can healthy and free of disease is to start do before planting a garden is to with strong disease-resistant plants. stop and think ahead. You know you Why make things hard on yourself? want to go organic, but what type of Doing the research ahead of time garden do you want to have? Will can give you a leg up on what types your plants be in the shade or will of plants are most likely to remain the sun hit the garden throughout the healthy without the aid of pesticides. day? What do you want to grow? Another way to avoid disease is These decisions are important to water the plants deeply, so that the because you need to choose the right water reaches all the way down to plant for the right garden. If your the roots. Watering early in the day garden will be in the shade, choose helps avoid the problems of mold plants that do not require a lot of and fungus. It is also important to sunlight to grow. If your garden will allow enough space between plants, receive direct sunlight, choose sun-so that they have room to grow and loving plants. This might sound breathe. Plants can become sickly like common sense, but too many and die when they are crowded people do not consider these factors together. and then wonder why their gardens Of course, you cannot expect fail. Furthermore, choosing the right your plants to be healthy all the plant for the right space reduces the time. If you find that some leaves chance that the plants will be weak look brown or spotted, clip them off or diseased, because they are in the quickly to avoid allowing the disease right environment to grow and be to spread. Be sure to clean up any healthy. diseased leaves, and throw them Other things to consider are how away. Do not reuse them in the soil. much water your plants need and whether the climate is right for the plant. Try to choose plants that are native to the area to help increase their chances of thriving naturally. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. 5 Keep It Growing The best way to keep your garden healthy is to fertilize it naturally. Use: • feather meal • blood meal • bone meal • manure 4 What’s Bugging You? For a quick fix, spray liquid kelp, One of the biggest problems or seaweed, right onto the leaves of you’ll have is those pesky bugs. the plants. Before reaching for the pesticide, Another way to help your though, think about how nature deals garden is to remove the weeds. with these issues. Ladybugs and Instead of spraying harmful spiders are both wonderful additions chemicals, do it the old-fashioned to a garden. They help keep the way and pull them out! If you keep destructive bugs in check by feeding an eye out for weeds all season on them. You can buy ladybugs and remove them quickly, you will at garden centers, and you can find that there are fewer weeds the encourage spiders by leaving objects following season, and even less the in your garden that would appeal to season after. Removing weeds helps a spider who wants to spin a web. to remove insects and opens up the Objects with open frames (such as a space for the plants to grow and small picture frame) usually attract breathe. spiders. 6 A Happy Garden An organic garden doesn’t have to be difficult. Following some basic steps and using your common sense can help you create a successful, beautiful space without poisoning yourself and the land you love. Go organic and make your garden happy! ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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