A New Kid in Class

A New Kid in Class A New Kid in Class Setting: A middle school classroom far. It’s okay, but I don’t like moving in the Time: 11:55 a.m.middle of the school year. (Students work at their desks. The teacher, (A buzzer sounds. Tom walks by Alfredo’s Mrs. Kwan, is on the classroom phone.)desk and “accidentally” knocks Alfredo’s notebook onto the floor. Some drawings MRS. KWAN: (standing and talking fall out and Tom grabs them.) into the phone) Yes, I understand. We’ll be happy to welcome him, of course. TOM: Hey, check it out! Cheese Sauce is (spelling) A-l-f-r-e-d-o J-i-m-e-n-e-z. Got it. an artist! And see what he’s drawing; a Thank you, Mr. Brown. (turning to speak kitten! Isn’t it cuuuute! (mocking) to the class) Well, class. That was the JIMMY: Cut it out, Tom! (Jimmy grabs the principal. A new student is on his way to drawings. Tom and the other kids leave our class. His name is Alfredo Jimenez. He the class. Jimmy hands the drawings to can sit next to… Alfredo.) Hey, these pictures are great! (Alfredo enters.) You’re a really good artist. Can you draw other things? MRS. KWAN: (smiling and gesturing) Come in Alfredo. Welcome! Please take ALFREDO: Thanks. I’m always drawing— a seat here next to Jimmy. Class, please I can do it anywhere! I like drawing most make Alfredo welcome. Any one have any kinds of animals. But my cat just had questions? kittens, and they are cuuuute! (laughing) Only, we need to find them homes. It’s TOM: (snickering) Yeah. Can I call you hard since we’re new in town. If you know “Cheese Sauce” instead of Alfredo? of anyone… (laughter in the classroom) JIMMY: Hey, that’s weird! My parents are MRS. KWAN: Tom, don’t speak that way. looking for a kitten to get for my sister! That’s all, class. You can put your books away and get ready for lunch.ALFREDO: Really? Wow. Want to come see them after school? (Kids put their books away and move about the classroom, getting ready to JIMMY: Sure! That’s great! But hey, let’s leave. Jimmy turns to Alfredo.) go to lunch. You can sit with me and I’ll introduce you to JIMMY: Don’t mind Tom. He’s such a jerk some of my friends… sometimes. (Alfredo and Jimmy exit ALFREDO: Don’t worry. He doesn’t bother together.) me. There’s been one like that in every classroom I’ve ever been in. JIMMY: So, I guess you’ve been to a lot of different schools, huh? ALFREDO: Yeah. We move a lot because of my parents’ jobs. This is my fifth school so ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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