A Rainy Day in May

A Rainy Day in May By Megan Linke One day in May, it started raining. Ray Baines sat in his home as it rained and rained. Drip by drop, the rain leaked in. So Ray got a pail to catch the leak. Ray waited in vain for the rain to let up. But it did not. As the rain picked up, Ray’s road became a river. His yard became a lake. All of Ray’s pots and pails filled up with rain. So he went to get his tub. “But wait,” said Ray. “What good is a tub when my home is full of rain? What good is a home full of rain, anyway?” So Ray made his tub into a sailboat. And he sailed off, into the rainy May day. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Passage provided under license from PassageBank.com. Use and duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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