All in a Day's Work for a Jockey

Being a jockey is a tough way to make a living. Danger is part of the job. Read the article to learn more about being a jockey. Spills and Chills: All in a Day’s Work for a Jockey 1 No doubt about it: jockeys 2 As the horses fly by, it may have an exciting job. Their colorful look as though the jockeys are silk clothing flutters in the wind sitting on the saddles. However, as their horses race around the they are actually balancing on their track. The horses’ pounding hooves toes. They do not sit at all. They rumble like thunder. The crowd ride bent over, holding their bodies cheers both the winning horse and just a few inches above the horse’s the jockey who rode it. For some back. As the horse gallops along at people, this sounds like a dream top speed, the jockeys must work come true: getting paid to ride to keep their balance. This takes horses! But a jockey’s job includes great strength and control. If they hard work and danger. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. lean even just a little too far to the As soon as track officials could front or back, they will be thrown reach Red, they took him to the off the horse. hospital. He had many broken bones! It took months, but Red 3 Falling off a horse that is finally got better. Fair Knightness standing still is bad; falling off hurt her back in the fall, but she a horse that is going 50 miles an recovered from her injuries, just hour is terrible! The jockey may like Red. be thrown to the ground or into a fence. When they land on the track, 5 When Red was a jockey they are in danger of being trampled in the 1930s, there were no by the horses coming from behind. safety measures taken to protect Either way, jockeys can be seriously jockeys. Jockeys wore only thin injured in a fall. silk clothing. When they were hurt, they often had to wait hours 4 Sometimes it is the horses that before they were taken to the fall. Of course, the jockeys fall with hospital. Today, jockeys wear them! That is what happened in helmets, goggles, and padded 1938 to a jockey named Red Pollard. shirts. Ambulances wait by the Red was riding Fair Knightness track to rush injured jockeys to the when the horse in front slowed hospital. That does not mean the down. Fair Knightness tripped over sport is now safe, though. Most that horse’s legs and fell with Red jockeys get badly hurt three times underneath her. A horse that was a year. The danger is not enough to behind Fair Knightness tried to leap keep many of them away, however. over her as she lay on the track. But The excitement of racing and their just at that moment, Fair Knightness love of horses keeps bringing them stood up. The leaping horse crashed back to the track. into her, and Fair Knightness fell back down, again landing on Red. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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