Anansi and the Turtle

Anansi and Turtle Tales of Anansi, the tricky spider, are popular in places such as West Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, and the United States. Anansi was eating lunch in his Anansi was so light that he hut when Turtle came by. “That couldn’t sink down into the food smells delicious,” said water. He kept bobbing back up. Turtle.Finally, after Anansi put pebbles in his pockets, he was able to Anansi really wanted all the food sink to the lake bottom where for himself. He said, “Turtle, you Turtle lived. can have some, but I don’t allow dirty hands at the table.”Anansi couldn’t wait to eat the delicious-looking food on Since Anansi’s hut did not have Turtle’s table. But as Anansi took running water, Turtle had to a piece of mango, Turtle said, “In walk all the way to the creek. my home, we take our jackets off Meanwhile, Anansi ate the food before we eat.” quickly. By the time Turtle finished washing and returned Anansi realized that he had to to Anansi’s hut, only a slice of remove his jacket—along with melon was left. Turtle showed the pebbles in the pockets. Right no anger or disappointment. away, he rose up toward the All he said was, “Someday you water’s surface. Turtle waved must come and eat lunch at my politely and kept eating. As house.” Anansi floated The following week, Anansi upward, he decided to visit Turtle. He found heard Turtle Turtle near the lake. Turtle laughing far greeted Anansi and invited the below. spider to swim to his underwater home. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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