Butterfly/Night Lights

Butterfly by Judy Rosenbaum Orange wings flicker in the shadows under the low maple branches. The wings move so quickly! The butterfly darts up, down, over, away. Look there! Oh! Look there. See how still it is, Lying on that gray rock. Walk over to it quietly, quietly. Its paperlike wings are open flat. Watch as it warms its wings in the sun. Night Lights by Judy Rosenbaum We sit on the steps of our building in the hot summer quiet of the night. We see the first tiny blinking light. Another blinks, another, another, another. Soon a cloud of tiny sparks drifts through the air. There is no sound from the fireflies as they glow on and off, on…off, on-off. Are they looking for something in the dark? Or are they signaling to one another with light, sharing secrets in the hot summer quiet of the night? ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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