Family Night

Family Night Nyesha’s favorite night of the Mom said, “We’ll move everything week was Thursday, family night. to the basement. And now Grandma No matter how busy things got will be at family night with us.” on Thursday, everyone ate dinner “Does she know the games? Can together. Then the family played she do jigsaw puzzles?” Nyesha board games or worked on a jigsaw asked. puzzle. Dad smiled. “Who do you think One Thursday, Nyesha couldn’t taught me about all of that?” wait to start the new jigsaw puzzle. Throughout the next week, the Then Dad said, “We need to talk family prepared the house for about something. You know that Grandma. Dad and Uncle Darrell Grandma has been sick. Mom and I moved the dining room table and think she needs to come live with us. chairs down to the basement. Aunt This will mean changes for us.” Geraldine brought over an extra Nyesha looked at her brothers and bed she had and helped set it up sister. Alton and Dill shared a room. in the old dining room. By the next Nyesha and Myra each had a small Saturday, when Grandma came room. Nyesha knew that her attic home with Dad, everyone was able to room wouldn’t be given to Grandma. welcome her into her new room. There were too many stairs. That That Thursday everyone, including left Myra’s room for Grandma. “Will Grandma, sat in the basement around Myra and I have to double up in the dining room table. They all put my bedroom?” wondered Nyesha to pieces into the jigsaw puzzle. Nyesha herself. She and Myra got along well, said, “Pablo down the street has a but that was a small room. new baby sister. All she does is sleep. Myra was thinking the same thing. We got a new family member who’s She said, “You know we all love already able to take part in family Grandma. But where would she night.” sleep? Would she need my room?” Mom said, “We plan to turn the dining room into her bedroom. Later, Uncle Darrell will help us put up a dividing wall there.” Nyesha said, “We won’t be able to use our dining room. How will we have family night from now on?” ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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