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Abraham Lincoln is a famous U.S. historical figure who is remembered for the important things he did for this nation. Abe was once a student, though, struggling to find his place in the world. Read about Young Abe in the excerpt below. from The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln by Wayne Whipple Key: 1 – Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Gentryville 1 • 2 – Lincoln State Park Lincoln City • 2 3 – Lincoln Amphitheatre 3 Lamar 4 – Lincoln Pioneer Village • and Museum Troy Spencer • 6 5 – Lincoln Landing County 6 – Lincoln Ferry Park Richland • Rockport • 4 5 We reached our new home about the 1 Lincoln once wrote about his time the State came into the Union. early teachers in Indiana in a letter to It was a wild region with many a friend: bears and other wild animals still in 2 “He (father) moved from the woods. There I grew up. There Kentucky to what is now Spencer were some schools, so-called; but County, Indiana, in my eighth year. no qualification was ever required ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. of a teacher beside readin’, writin’, thought Abe’s studious habits were and cipherin.’ If a stranger who due to “pure laziness, jest to git out understood Latin happened to travel o’ workin’.” So, whenever there was through the neighborhood, he was the slightest excuse, he took Abe looked upon as a wizard. There was out of school and sent him to work absolutely nothing to excite ambition at home or for one of the neighbors, for education.”while he himself went hunting or loafed about the house. 3 Abe’s first teacher in Indiana, however, was Hazel Dorsey. The 6 This must have been very trying school house was built of rough, to a boy as hungry to learn as Abe round logs. The chimney was made Lincoln was. His stepmother saw and of poles well-covered with clay. The sympathized with him, and in her windows were spaces cut in the logs, quiet way, managed to get the boy and covered with greased paper. But started at school for a few weeks at Abe was determined to learn. He and most. For some reason Hazel Dorsey his sister thought nothing of walking stopped “keeping” the school, and four miles a day through snow, there was a long “vacation” for rain and mud. “Nat” Grigsby, who all the children. But a new man, afterward married Abe’s sister, spoke Andrew Crawford, came and settled in glowing terms of Abe’s few school near Gentryville. Having nothing days:better to do at first, he was urged to reopen the school. 4 “He was always at school early, and attended to his studies. He lost 7 One evening Abe came in from no time at home, and when not at his work and his stepmother greeted work was at his books. He kept up him with: his studies on Sunday, and carried 8 “Another chance for you to go to his books with him to work, so that school.” he might read when he rested from 9 “Where?” labor.” 10 “That man Crawford that moved 5 Thomas Lincoln had no use for in a while ago is to begin school next “eddication,” as he called it. “It will week, and two miles and back every spoil the boy,” he kept saying. The day will be just about enough for you father had got along without going to walk.” to school, so why should Abe have a better education than his father? He ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. 11 His stepmother accomplished great accomplishment. Abe shone it somehow and Abe started off to as a speller in school and at the school with his sister, Nancy, and a spelling-matches. One day, evidently light heart. A neighbor described him during a period when young Lincoln as he appeared in Crawford’s school, was kept from school to do some as “long, wiry and strong, while his outside work for his father, he big feet and hands, and the length appeared at the window when the of his legs and arms, were out of all class was doing spelling. The word proportion to his small trunk and “defied” was given out and several head.” pupils had misspelled it. Kate Roby, the pretty girl of the village, was 12 “Yet,” said Nat Grigsby, “he was stammering over it. “D-e-f,” said always in good health, never sick, Kate, then she hesitated over the next and had an excellent constitution.” letter. Abe pointed to his eye and 13 Andrew Crawford must have winked significantly. The girl took been an unusual man, for he tried to the hint and went on “i-e-d,” and teach “manners” in his backwoods went to the head of the class. school! Spelling was considered a ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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