How Cheetah Became So Fast

How Became Cheetah So Fast —from an African folktale Cheetahs always loved to run. One day a cheetah ran a race with an antelope. The animal that won the race would be given even more speed. All of its children and grandchildren would be fast. This animal would become the fastest beast on Earth. The race started. The antelope was ahead. But then the antelope tripped over a stone and fell. One of its legs was badly hurt. “Oh, help me!” cried the antelope. At once, the cheetah ran over to the antelope. She wanted to help the antelope. All the other animals praised the cheetah’s kindness. As a result, the cheetah became the fastest animal of all. To this day, no land animal can catch a cheetah on the run. © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt!™ Passage provided under license from Use and duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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