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Letter from a Teacher Wednesday, September 15 Dear Class Families: Greetings! This letter is to welcome you to my classroom and invite you to our first family meeting, next Wednesday, at 6–9 p.m. in room 37. The family meeting gives us a chance to meet each other. It is also a time to hear about classroom curriculum, projects, policies, and procedures. And of course, I will answer your questions. You will also see our classroom decorations! Topics to discuss at the meeting: • Mrs. Gerson’s Family Home Reading Project • Homework Policy • Details about Mrs. Gerson’s Dress Code • Upcoming Camping Trip: schedule for planning meetings • “JOBS” — Your Child’s Classroom Responsibilities • Parent helpers in the classroom: We need you! Supervised art activities for Mrs. Gerson’s students and their siblings will be available in the library during the meeting. See you next week! Cheryl Gerson © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt!™ Passage provided under license from PassageBank.com. Use and duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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