Mine All Mine

Mine, All Mine By Guy West Ho, ho, ho! See what I have? It is mine, all mine! I got it from a big duck. He had it in his bill. And, bam! I nabbed it! Well, that made him mad. So I ran, ran, ran. I ran up a hill. He ran up the hill! I ran back. He ran back! We were neck and neck. But I am one quick bug. Zip, zip, zip! “I win!” I yelled at last. I left him at the lake, huffing and puffing. Now it is mine! It is mine, mine, mine. But what will I do with it? I have five more like it at home. I will not eat it. I will not use it. Ho hum. I guess I will go give it back. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Passage provided under license from PassageBank.com. Use and duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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