My Grandparents' Dogs

My Grandparents’ Dogs My grandparents and I raise puppies that we keep for only one year! We help a group that trains guide dogs for blind people. The first thing any dog needs to learn is how to get along with people. That’s where we come in. The best place for dogs to learn trust and good behavior is with a family. Last year, the group sent us Snowflake. To help her get used to people, we paid a lot of attention to her and played with her. We taught her good dog manners and how to obey commands such as “stay.” We took Snowflake on trips to busy streets and malls. We even took her on train and bus rides. Snowflake needed to get used to crowds, noise, and sudden movements in all kinds of locations. Now it’s time to say goodbye to Snowflake. She’s thirteen months old. She’s on her way to start five months of guide dog school at the training center. Snowflake will learn how to wear a special harness. This harness is easier than a leash for a blind person to hold onto. She’ll learn how to walk without pulling the person and how to stop at street corners for traffic. Snowflake will even learn how to disobey a command when obeying it would lead to danger. After this, she will be matched with a blind person. Then she’ll train with that person for another few weeks. I’m proud of what my family does. We have raised many dogs who have helped people. Soon we’ll start again with another puppy. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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