Scientist for a Day

Scientists for a Day This year we didn’t just sit in our waited, several of us made quiet classroom and learn about bird happy noises as some of “our” migration. We took part in the birds showed up. We kept track of Spring Migration Bird Count. This every bird that flew overhead or count is made across the country landed for a short stopover. Who on the second Saturday in May. It would have thought that counting tracks birds as they fly north for could be so much fun? the summer months. Many of the By late afternoon, we had seen bird counters are ordinary people almost a hundred birds, including like us and like our teacher, Ms. 17 snow geese Gomez. Ms. Gomez says we are that I spotted. helping scientists do their work. If we had In April, we learned how to started before tell which bird is which. To get sunrise, ready for the count, each student we might also learned facts about just one kind have seen of bird that migrates through our some migrating area. My bird was the snow goose. night birds Just before the count day, Ms. such as owls. Gomez gave us each pictures of Ms. Gomez is going to send our our birds. She also had us gather final count to a state group. They paper and pencils. A bird expert will report our entire state’s helped Ms. Gomez choose a place findings to the national group. where we would see a lot of birds. Our information will help nature We met on Saturday morning just scientists study migration paths. after sunrise. Four parents drove We can’t wait for the September us all to a field that had woods bird count! That’s when we track and a lake nearby. Though we birds flying south for the winter were supposed to be quiet as we months. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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