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Some Clean Alternatives When the day comes that you are powered cars. It wasn’t until the cost able to drive a car, what will cars be of producing gasoline became less like? Will cars look much different expensive that the gasoline-powered from the ones we see zooming down vehicles became the more popular the street today? Will we be traveling choice for drivers. by jet pack or hovercraft as seen in Electric vehicles run on electricity some futuristic movies? Or, will cars that is stored in the car batteries. look pretty much the same as they do EV cars produce no pollution. They now? are considered emission free. A car Although cars may not look much battery typically can go around 100 different in the near future, they may miles before it must be plugged in and be powered in ways that are different recharged. This can be a drawback for from the gasoline engines being some drivers. Many cities are looking used now. Today, alternative fuels to electricity to power public vehicles are being used in cars in the United like buses, light rails, trains, and States and around the world. Concern subways. Cities are in favor of electric for the environment and the limited vehicles because they help keep the supply and expensive cost of gasoline air clean. are fueling our interest in finding Another clean alternative to alternative energy sources. gasoline is using hydrogen. Hydrogen- One alternative fuel that has powered cars use hydrogen as a fuel been around for quite some time is source to create electricity that can electricity. In fact, electric vehicles run the electric-powered vehicles. were around before gasoline-powered Scientists think hydrogen is a good vehicles. In the early years of the fuel source for several reasons. Unlike automobile, more electric vehicles, or fossil fuels, which are in limited EVs, were in existence than gasoline-supply and will one day run out, ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. hydrogen can be found easily all use to fry food. And, like electricity around us. It is very abundant in and solar power, it does not pollute our atmosphere and in our water. the air. Vegetable oil can also be However, this fuel alternative is much cheaper than gasoline. When not yet ready. In order to be used, old vegetable oil (oil that has had hydrogen must be separated from something fried in it) is used, it is very the substance of which it’s a part. cheap! And, rather than producing For example, in water there are two the dirty, exhaust smell of burning atoms of hydrogen and one atom of gasoline, vegetable oil will make your oxygen. The hydrogen atom must car smell like food is frying in it. be split from the oxygen atom. Even A Glance at Alternative Fuels though scientists are currently able Is it to split hydrogen from oxygen, they Energy Is it Pollution available Sourcerenewable?level are experimenting with ways to make now? this expensive process clean and Gasolinenohighyes inexpensive. Electricityyeslowyes Yet another source of energy for Hydrogenyeslowno powering cars is solar energy. The technology to produce energy from Solaryeslowyes the sun has been available for quite Vegetableyeslowyes some time. Cars have been made that are powered by the sun’s energy using solar panels attached to the vehicle. So, what should power the cars of The problem is that in order for a the future? Do you think we should car to run on solar energy, the sun stop using gasoline altogether and must be shining. Without sun, the car switch to electricity, hydrogen, solar cannot be driven or recharged. Solar power, or vegetable oil? I, personally, power can be stored for use when the cannot remain neutral in this debate. I sun is not shining, but the amount do not see any point in continuing to of electricity is limited and the car use gasoline. We must start developing will eventually need the sun to be cars that use an alternative energy recharged.source, whether it is something we’re working with already or something An unusual, but immediately unknown to scientists today. If we available source of energy is don’t start using alternatives soon, the something almost all of us have sitting day will come when we will no longer in our kitchens: vegetable oil. Engines be able to drive. We need to think have been designed that are able to about the future. run on the same vegetable oil that you ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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