Space: A Vacation Out of This World

The article “Space: A Vacation Out of This World” discusses the beginning of a new era in tourism. Space: A Vacation Out of This World vacation is much too high for the 1 What do the words “luxury average person to spend. Only a vacation” mean to you? Possibly a handful of wealthy people can afford private beach on a beautiful island? such a luxury. But the idea of space Or perhaps a safari through the tourism is definitely here to stay. plains of Africa? If this is your idea of a costly vacation, then think again. Funding the Cause The term “luxury” has recently risen to new heights. . . . literally! 4 One lucky person recently traveled with an American space A Costly Decision tourism company to visit the 2 Consider a vacation that international space station. He was provides a three-week tour of only the sixth tourist to do so. (The outer space. Two weeks are spent first tourist flew on April 28, 2001.) exploring and participating in space This latest tourist’s trip consisted of programs at the international space ten days of conducting experiments station. The remaining week includes and photographing Earth. In this an unforgettable sightseeing trip to way, space tourism achieves another the moon. All of this could be yours important goal. It helps to benefit for the price of only $100 million. the exploration of space like never before. That’s a “per person” fee, so you might have to leave your family at 5 In fact, in the years to come, home. If the price tag is a little too the private part of this industry will steep for your pocketbook, you can most likely grow larger and more choose to take a week-long visit to powerful than public organizations the space station only. That cuts (such as NASA). Private companies costs to a mere can send people into space for much $20 million. less money than government-run 3 While it may be fun to think companies. This reduced cost attracts about this, the cost of a space more paying tourists. And those ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. profits can aid in the development as $10,000 to $15,000 in as little as of even more space exploration and ten years. These costs are easier for tourism. Once profits from private the average traveler to pay, and will companies are used to develop help to make space a real option for improvements to the industry, the many people. possibilities are endless. Space 8 NASA has other interesting tourism would get bigger (and better) predictions for the industry. By the in a short period of time. year 2010, the organization believes that shuttles carrying individual Space for Everyone passengers will be replaced with 6 The future, however, is not quite larger transport vehicles that can here yet. The costs involved with hold groups of tourists. Some have space tourism must first be reduced called these future vehicles “space for most people to truly consider coasters.” The spacecrafts will be space a vacation destination. Right 100 times cheaper and 10,000 times now, American space tourism safer than what tourists are traveling companies offer few choices, and in today. Tourists will have the all are expensive. A tourist can elect choice to go to multiple destinations. to take the three-week vacation One company even has a plan for a discussed earlier for $100 million. space coaster that looks like a space There are less expensive alternatives, shuttle, but with a glass dome for such as an orbit around Earth, but the passengers to get a brilliant view price is still in the millions. For the of space as they travel. By the year budget traveler, an option is offered 2020, people will travel in space that allows the tourist to rise above much more often. Others predict that Earth’s atmosphere and remain just flights to space hotels will begin in above Earth for up to five minutes. about 2026, with more than 5,000 It provides a spectacular view of the flights taking place yearly by 2050. planet for $100,000. If these predictions become a reality, the space age will progress at a rate 7 These unusually high prices faster than you can imagine! limit the clients to whom space tourism will appeal. Few people Keeping It Safe have access to this much money. In the near future, though, the costs 9 But with these changes comes of traveling into space are expected responsibility. Space tourism to decrease sharply. In fact, some companies must be very careful people think the cost will be as low about following safety rules and ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. regulations. The thrill of visiting science fiction and everything we space may be a dream for many thought we would only read about people, but it is the responsibility of in books or see in the movies is companies providing that service to suddenly becoming a possibility clearly describe the dangers involved in our lifetime. As space tourism with such a trip. Those companies develops, we will enter a very must also be sure that tourists fully exciting time. Some might find understand these dangers before they the idea scary, but it is important blast off! to remember that space tourism is simply one more way to explore and 10 Space travel will be a very new learn. It truly allows us to “reach for and different idea for most people the stars.” For the tourism industry, in the years to come. It might seem it would certainly seem that the sky like the real world has turned into is not the limit. Total Potential Demand for Sub-Orbital Flight Based on Ticket Cost 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 Percent of Population Surveyed 10 5 0 $100,000 $150,000 $25,000$50,000$200,000 Ticket Cost ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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