The Dog Show

The Dog Show All the members of Edna’s family the kitchen. The minute Omar loved their dog, Zip. Zip was a showed up with the hair dryer, handsome dog that knew lots of Zip was off like a streak. Mom commands and enjoyed doing and Edna chased after him. They tricks. One day the local radio cornered him upstairs under station announced a dog show Edna’s bed. with a category for pet dogs. The At first, Edna found it funny to family decided to enter Zip. They see Zip flattening himself against filled out the form and sent it in the floorboards under the bed. with Zip’s photo. She got ready to slither under For two weeks, Edna and her the bed and drag him out. Then brother Omar practiced running she thought about how terrified with Zip on the leash. This was Zip must feel to behave that way. what trainers did on TV dog How enjoyable would this dog shows. Zip was perfectly happy show be for him? with that part of the planning. Edna looked at her mother and Edna and Omar also reviewed said, “Somehow I don’t feel good Zip’s tricks with him. Zip would about doing this anymore.” be a real champ. “Me neither,” said Mom. “I’ll Unfortunately, Zip would also go tell the others to stop filling have to have a bath. Zip didn’t the pool.” She mind water, but he hated being went downstairs. dried with the hair dryer. Usually Meanwhile, Edna the family just let his fur dry by waited for Zip to calm itself. But for the show, it would down and come out. have to be dried and fluffed. “You’ll just have to The day before the show, Dad be a champ to the dragged the plastic kiddie pool four of us,” Edna out from the basement into told Zip. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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