The Fire on the Mountain

The Fire on the Mountain This tale is popular in the African country of Ethiopia. Once a rich man promised his servant, “If you stand outside on the mountain all night without food, a fire, or warm clothes, I will give you some farmland of your own.” The servant was eager to have his own land. He went to the top of the windy mountain. There he stayed all night without food, a fire, or a coat. Far away, on another mountain, he saw the light of one campfire. Thinking of this fire’s warmth helped the shivering servant get through the night. The next morning, the servant went to the rich man to claim his reward. However, the rich man heard about the faraway campfire. He said, “You were not without fire.” So, although the fire was too distant to warm the servant, the rich man refused to give him any land. A wise man offered to help the servant. This man invited the rich man to a feast at his house near the mountain. That night the rich man was shown into a lovely dining room. Wonderful odors of food drifted through the air. The rich man grew hungrier and hungrier, but he was served no food. At last he said, “Why did you invite me to a feast and give me no food?” The wise man answered, “If your servant was warmed by the distant fire, then you have been fed by smelling my food.” “I see my error,” laughed the hungry rich man. Immediately he signed a paper giving the servant the land. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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