The Music Lessons

The Music Lessons Benny and Latifah had just gotten Latifah wrote “violin” home from school when Mom called happily on hers, but out to them, “Kids, what musical Benny just filled in his instrument would you like to learn?” name and address. “Am I getting violin lessons?” “You said you asked Latifah eagerly. were choosing the “The parents’ group has raised drum, Benny,” said Latifah. But enough money to start a school Benny just sat there. music program,” said Mom. “You’ll Dad said, “Can you tell us why all get group lessons twice a week.”you chose the drum?” “Wow!” cried Latifah. Benny Benny said, “Drums don’t play a smiled but said nothing. Inside he tune. I’m not good with tunes.” was wondering whether he would be Mom said, “You mean you aren’t able to play in tune. What if he was good yet. That’s the whole point of the worst player in class? He didn’t lessons! You learn how to be good at want to hurt Mom’s feelings by something.” saying this. She was so excited about “But what if I’m terrible?” Benny having helped to start the music said. program. “You won’t be,” said Latifah. Mom played a music tape. On it, Dad nodded. “You’ll learn how to instruments such as drums, trumpets, make beautiful music—not at first, violins, flutes, and harps were each but when you learn something and played separately. One instrument, practice it.” the clarinet, sounded to Benny like “Really?” asked Benny. water flowing through a forest. When “Really,” said Mom. “So let’s the tape was over, Latifah said, “I complete your form. Choose the can’t wait till we play like that.” drum if you like it, but don’t At school the next day, Benny’s choose it just because you’re scared friend Roberto said, “I’m signing up of everything else. Now, what to learn the trumpet.” instrument would you really like?” “I’ll try the flute,” Yolanda said. “The clarinet,” said Benny. He felt “How about you, Benny?”wonderful all of a sudden. “I guess I’ll sign up for the drum,” “Great!” said Latifah. “Benny, we said Benny. are going to make some beautiful “Cool!” said Roberto.That night tunes together—in about six after supper, Dad helped Latifah and months!” Benny fill out their music forms. ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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