The Smallest Word for Mountain

The Smallest Word for Mountain Ms. Patel was always giving her was góra. Everyone else promised students unusual tasks. One to ask at home for other words. day she asked them to find the The next day, Eric came in with smallest word for mountain. the Swedish word berg. Tanisha Eric immediately came up with had the word mlima. “That’s from the word hill. But Ms. Patel said, Swahili, an African language,” she “Remember that hill and mountain said. don’t mean exactly the same Karen had a paper with one thing.” The class realized that this mark on it. She said, “This is the task was harder than it looked. symbol for mountain. Chinese has thousands of symbols instead Diego said, “We could write the of alphabet letters. All spoken word in tiny print.” He wrote Chinese languages use these same mountain in pinhead-sized letters. symbols. In my family’s language, Ms. Patel praised Diego’s idea and this symbol stands for the word added, “Class, what other good shan.” answers can you find?” Ms. Patel put all the words for Vi wrote “Mt. Everest” on the mountain on the bulletin board. board. Ms. Patel said, “Good work, “You all did a big job of finding Vi. You remembered the correct little words,” she said. short way to write Mount.” At lunchtime, everyone lined up and went into the hall. Maria’s brother Anton called out in Polish to Maria from his class’s line. Tanisha shouted, “That’s it! There’s probably a tiny word for mountain in another language.” Everyone got excited. Maria said that the Polish word for mountain ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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