The Swim Meet

The Swim Meet The day camp was going to have a swim meet. Luisa’s friend Emma wanted to take part in the diving event, but only three other divers had signed up. So that event was going to be taken out of the meet. Emma begged Luisa to sign up. Luisa was still a bit afraid to dive. But she signed up so that Emma could do her best sport. On the day of the meet, Luisa sat next to the other divers by the swimming pool. She was too worried to watch them dive in the first round. When her turn came, she placed her feet carefully at the edge of the diving board. She stretched her arms up and took off. As she splashed into the pool, she knew that her legs were not straight. But at least her first dive was done. For the second round, Luisa noticed that the other divers bent their knees and then sprang upward a bit. They also pointed their toes during the dive. When Luisa’s turn came, she tried doing both those things. She felt that her second dive was better than the first. She also realized that she wasn’t nervous anymore. For each of the next dives, Luisa tried to keep her mind on her form. To her surprise, after the last dive she even felt a little sad that the event was over. Emma won the event. But Luisa was amazed to find that she got a ribbon of her own—a yellow ribbon! She gave Emma a big smile and said, “Thanks for making me sign up for this!” ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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