The Two Travelers and the Bear

In this story, two men meet up with a bear. One man stays to fight, and the other climbs up a tree. Will they still be friends afterwards? The Two Travelers and the Bear A Fable by Aesop 1 John and Jacob were traveling he was busy climbing up a tree to together through the countryside. save himself. As they walked, they talked, joked, John knew he could not fight the and told tales. “I am so glad to be giant bear alone. What was he to do? traveling with you, my friend!” said It seemed sure he would be eaten. Jacob. John smiled and was about to Then he remembered hearing that a answer, when suddenly a huge bear bear will not touch a dead body. “I came crashing through the bushes. hope it is true,” he thought as he fell It growled and roared. Its great, to the ground. He lay there without snapping teeth flashing in the moving. sunlight like knives. 4 The bear looked surprised. It 2 John grabbed a stick to fight. “If stopped growling and just stared we work together, we can drive the at the man lying on the ground. beast away!” After sniffing John’s head for a few 3 But Jacob did not hear him, for moments, it seemed to decide that ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only. he was indeed dead. It turned and giving him. He continued to talk with walked off into the bushes. excitement. “It looked like that bear was whispering in your ear,” he said. 5 John sat up and gave a sigh. “Tell me, what did he say?” “Whew!” he said as he got slowly to his feet. With shaking hands, he 9 John turned and walked off began to brush the leaves and twigs by himself. As he walked away, he from his clothes. called over his shoulder, “He told me that it was not wise to be friends 6 Jacob had watched the whole with someone who would leave me thing from his spot high in the when I’m in danger.” branches of the tree. He could not believe his eyes when the bear moved away. He waited a few minutes to make sure the bear was truly gone and then he climbed down and joined his friend. 7 “This is your lucky day! I thought for sure you would be eaten,” Jacob said, shaking his head. “I was stunned when the bear walked away!” 8 John just glared at Jacob, but Jacob didn’t notice the look John was ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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