Tom and Rex

Tom and Rex By Dolores Vasquez Rex is my cat. He is a bit odd. People say a wet cat is an unhappy cat. Well, not Rex. If I take a bath, Rex will bat at the suds for fun. He will even try to hop in the tub with me. A lot of cats will wail at the door if it rains. But not Rex. Rex has fun in the rain. A lot of cats will nap, nap, nap all day. But not Rex. Rex will hop, run, zig, and zag sunup until sundown. If I put a leash on Rex, he will go where he is led. If I toss a stick, he will go pick it up. Rex is odd, but I love him a lot. One dull, gray day in May, I got a dog to keep Rex company. I had to hail a cab on the way back because that dog did not like the rain. Is it me, or do my pets seem a bit confused? ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Passage provided under license from Use and duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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