Top Five Reasons You DONT Want an Owl for a Pet

Top Five Reasons You DON’T Want an Owl for a Pet By Marvin Hampton Owls are beautiful and graceful creatures. They look soft and fluffy, and seem to be quite clever. You may think you want one for your own. But owls do NOT make good pets. Here’s why. 5. Owls don’t cuddle. They don’t like to be pet, patted, or hugged. Unlike a cat or a dog, an owl will never curl up with you on the couch! 4. Owls molt. This means they shed their feathers. With a pet owl, you will find little bits of fluff everywhere you turn! 3. Owls eat live animals. They need to hunt their prey in the wild. Owls will not be happy with bird feed or pellets for food. 2. Owls can hurt you! Like most animals, owls like to play. But they have very sharp talons, or claws. If they play with you, they can hurt you very badly without meaning to. 1. It’s against the law! In the United States, it is illegal to keep a wild animal in the home. Unless you have a special permit, pet owls are not allowed! ™ © Advanced Assessment Systems/LinkIt! Passage provided under license from Use and duplication is restricted to licensees only.

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